Sunday, July 18, 2010

wet 'n wild idol eyes creme shadow pencil in "pixie"

i have a confession to throw out there: i LOVE me some cream eyeshadow. i would wear cream eyeshadow all the time, if i could get away with it. i love the consistency, the easy blending, and the metallic or pearly sheen of them. they just have much more of something special to them than do powder eyeshadows. 

the problem is, there don't seem to be many good ones at the drugstore. and there certainly aren't very wide color selections. i've worn the revlon cream eyeshadows before, and they're just ok. nothing very wow about them, at least not to me. 

anyway, i saw a good review online about this cream eyeshadow that's (gasp!) only 2 buckaroos! i swear, i will buy just about anything for $2. pathetic, i know.

and surprise, i actually like this! the color is a kind of champagne/taupe and the consistency is very smooth. easy to glide on. the finish isn't particularly metallic, which is ok, because i like how subtle it is. just a nice flattering wash of color. kind of like a candlelight glow. because it's so subtle, this shadow stick is ideal for highlighting the browbone. i hate it when people use white (or any kind of pale) shimmery shadow to highlight their browbones and it's just way too shimmery and metallic. i want my browbones to subtly catch the light, not blind you with a ridiculous amount of shimmer. 

it's also really great for swiping over the corners of your eyes (the tear duct area), or underneath your lashes to look very awake. and because it applies smooth and not sticky, it's perfect as a powder eyeshadow base. i've tested it with multiple colors, and it keeps powder eyeshadow on longer, makes it more vibrant, and adds a little extra glow. love

Friday, July 16, 2010

inspired by: hermes scarf ad

once, a very long time ago, i purchased a beautiful ralph lauren scarf on ebay. i think i may have worn it once... or twice. ever. and then i saw this ad:

aha! now i finally have a cute way to wear it:

it's really easy. you just tie it around the crown of your head (wherever is most flattering on you), and tie it at the nape of your neck. then when you divide your hair into 3 sections, include the ends of the scarf in 2 of them. then just braid like normal and tie with a small, neutral ponytail holder (mine is off-white).

i like it when the ends of the scarf hang down lower than my actual braid. makes my hair look longer or something. just saying....