Friday, April 30, 2010

DON'T try this at home: honey on your face

i read on the other day that washing your face with honey is good for dry, flaky skin. they also said it was antimicrobial, so it wouldn't cause you to break out! sounds perfect, right?

ha! not even close. i felt pretty good about it at first. i mixed some honey with warm water, and rubbed it all over my face. it wasn't as sticky as i thought. and my skin felt smooth and soft. but the next day? i realized i had some honey stuck in my hair (yuck!) and tiny little bumps all over my face.

darn. i was hoping it'd be awesome.

BUT, i did read a tip in seventeen (hey, i was waiting in an eternal line at walmart) that you can dye your hair darker with coffee. since i'm apparently such a glutton for punishment, i might try that too.

but i think i'll wait until after graduation next week....

Monday, April 19, 2010

$1 bronzer (for very pale girls)

i bought this eyeshadow on recommendation from nouveaucheap (if you haven't browsed her blog yet, you seriously need to!). it's sally girl connecting eyeshadow in cinnamon, and they're all $1 at sally beauty supply stores. i thought it was pretty nifty that you could hook them together with other eyeshadows and build your own palette!

unfortunately, it kind of sucks as an eyeshadow. it's not very pigmented, and not shimmery enough for my liking (i LOVE shimmer eyeshadows). but one day on a whim, i discovered that it's awesome at giving my white skin some glow.

i love it because it's so natural. now i must confess, i've never extensively tested out bronzers before. but i do know (from some of my friends, ahem) that when pale people try to compensate by piling on the bronzer, they just look too orange or too muddy. not cute. but this, i like.

try it, it's only a dollar!

Friday, April 16, 2010

new nail polish: revlon's "lilac pastelle"

oh, my my. i really don't mean to keep buying new nail polishes. but can i help it that i love pastels, and it's spring so there are tons of new pastels on the market?? of course i can't. that's what i'm telling myself, anyway.

i've been looking for a lilac cream for FOREVER. who would've thought that i'd love cream formulas so much? i used to be all about the metallics (you know, when i was 12....). i paid between $4 and $4.50 for this at walgreens.... i don't usually spend that much on a silly nail polish, but what can i say? i loved it and walgreens was the only place that had it. end of story.

they also had a gorgeous mint green shade in this spring collection that's totally my cup of tea.... you're next, mint green.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

review: hard candy balm girls tinted lip balm

i bought this balm about a month ago, because the color just looked amazing. it's so hard to find a cross between peach and pink at the drugstore, for some reason. unfortunately for me, this is one of my favorite shades! anyway, i was really hoping that this balm would be the answers to my lip product wish:

1. the perfect mixture of peach and pink
2. sheer color
3. moisturizing

well, it seems that i got more than what i wished for- it's not only sheer but practically invisible!

what? but it looks so pigmented in the tube! oh no, on my lips it's like wearing plain old clear balm. bah.

but it does feel really great- super super smooth. like butter. compared to all of my other lip balms (even eos!), it's way smoother and creamier. plus when you wear it over a lipstick, it makes the texture look light and amazing (more about that later)! so i'm definitely keeping it around. i just wish it had some tint to it....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

review: palmer's cocoa butter formula for dry, ashy skin

(yes, i know it's been a couple weeks since i last wrote.... so sorry! i've been super busy and stressed about my senior recital. pictures from that later! i'm feeling less stressed out now, so i couldn't wait to get back to my blog :)

ok ok, i know it's funny. why would a VERY WHITE girl like me need a lotion for ashy skin? actually, my husband thinks this is pretty darn hilarious. 

well, the reason i'm using this is because it contains AHAs, which keeps my chicken skin on my arms under control. my old favorite (lubriderm triple therapy lotion) is MIA. i've been to umpteen different drugstores, not to mention several targets and walmarts..... nothing. but ironically, at the walmart about a mile away from my house, i found another lotion with the same ingredient, that's even cheaper. score!

i believe it was less than $6. in a huge bottle. and just fyi, the bottle i bought doesn't have a slightly scandalous female form on the front :P.

so does it work as well as my lubriderm stuff? yes, i think so. it's really light and milky feeling. and i think it keeps the chicken skin away on the backs of my arms.


the smell! oh my! it's very (as my husband said) pungent. so much so that he has stopped cuddling with me when we're trying to fall asleep. eep :S. so i guess i'm still looking for a new body lotion with AHA for my arms....