Monday, June 22, 2009

the best eyeliner- for free!

Even though I keep reading that you're not supposed to line underneath your eyes, I've always liked it. It supposedly makes your eyes look smaller, but mine are so big that I don't think it matters. Plus I like that really defined look (smudgy/soft eyeliner.... not so much). Anyway, I seem to have a problem keeping it on that skin closest to my actual eyeball. Even with my waterproof eyeliner, it just disappears in an hour or so. So today, I tried dipping my angle brush in the extra black stuff that ends up on the end of my mascara wand, and applied it to that little part of my eyelid. And guess what? Hasn't budged all day. It works like liquid liner in that it's really dense and pigmented. And this is super cheap since I use Maybelline Great Lash every day. I may never waste money on super long-lasting waterproof eyeliner again.

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