Monday, January 25, 2010


That's me, in case you were wondering. Things just got too crazy with school and, you know, life in general. Plus that eyeshadow challenge was a little too umm...... challenging. Ha. I really like my neutral eyeshadows lol. Anyway, I may do a few more- maybe some of the color families I haven't attempted yet. I think a lot of them are pretty similar though.

But in other news, I found out something that will seriously change the course of my life (or at least my face) for the worse. CoverGirl's TruShine Lipsticks are being DISCONTINUED!!!!!!! I found this out on the lovely Internets and was legitimately upset. That was the only lipstick I ever completely used. That was the one shade I could literally throw on in the car without a mirror and know that it would simultaneously match anything I was wearing and brighten up my tired face. SOOO upset.

I have browsed online for a worthy substitute, and the only similar shade and sheer formula I could find was Neutrogena's MoistureShine Lip Sheers in Plum Kiss. Not that I've tried it yet because they're almost $10 for a stinkin tinted lip balm. But they are tingly. Hmmm....

Anyway, I have found another tinted tingly lip balm that I like. Although the colors are a little hit-or-miss. It's Wet 'n Wild's Natural Wear Lip Shimmers:

They are $1.99 at most places, they have an amazing tingle, and are SUPER pigmented. I tried 106 and 101- 101 is definitely my favorite. The cap looks kind of spice-colored (I actually think the name is Spice- but you know how Wet 'n Wild products have a name but it comes off with the plastic wrapping so then you can never remember it), but it's kind of a peach shade. This is what it looks like on me:

It's just enough darker than my actual lips to brighten up my face and make me look "finished". I really like it a lot. My only beef? I feel like these peachy shades look clashy when I wear green, blue, or teal shirts, which is only like every day. Still looking for a new fave.... Sigh.

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