Monday, November 23, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 34

So today. Phew, I'm caught up now. Blue-toned purple today, to go with my purple cords, which I finally got to break out since it was finally got cold here in the South. I really like this kind of purple. Much more flattering than the pinky-violet shades I've been wearing. Bleh.

On my lips is my most favoritest lipgloss of all time. I know what you're thinking. What about Blushberry Shine?? Are you crazy, woman? How could you be so adulterous? To borrow from Brian Reagan, Blushberry Shine is favorite. But this one is a little more favorite. And it's surprising, too, because it's probably the cheapest lipgloss in the world. I dare you to find a cheaper one. It's Donna Michelle's Lipgloss in Cherry. I bought this on a whim one time at Dollar Tree (yeah, it doesn't sound like too reliable of a source, but I've actually found really good products at Dollar Tree.... Oooo, I feel a post coming on!). But despite its shady origins, it's fabulous! It has the prettiest sheer red color (which is great for pale blue-eyed people like myself), smells wonderful, and has a smooth texture that I love. Kind of waxy, but in a good way. Which makes sense because it's made of beeswax.... I've tried some other colors, but they're not as good. The other ones smell funky, and don't have hardly any pigment to them. But this is my go-to gloss. It matches anything and really brightens up my face.

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