Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behold: The amazing power of face primer!

I guess I'm getting older, because I've starting getting fed up with my under-eye concealer. Not the concealer itself, but the cakiness and flakiness that ensues a couple hours after application. As you know, my skin is pretty dry, and no matter how much moisturizer and eye cream I apply under my eyes, the concealer ends up dry and crusty. Why did I not think of this earlier?? The perfect solution is primer!

I went to Walmart to buy groceries the other day, and of course
had to step in the cosmetics section, as usual. I was really looking for Hard Candy's Primer (Nouveau Cheap gave it good reviews), but I couldn't find it anywhere in their display! Boo. So then it was between Maybelline's New Instant Age Rewind stuff, or the Rimmel Prime and Perfect. Well, Rimmel won because it was cheaper.

Holy moly, I'm so stupid for never trying any kind of primer before. Actually, that's not true. Remember that CoverGirl Outlast foundation? I tried that a few years ago and really liked it. It had a chamber of primer (with sunscreen!) on one side, and foundation on the other. And I remember realllly liking the silky finish that stayed all day. But um, they don't make it anymore. I'm currently not on speaking terms with CoverGirl, for discontinuing my TruShine lipstick, and because I just remembered about that awesome outlast foundation.

This is how smooth my under-eyes looked: They've never looked like this- the finish looks natural! And I've stopped applying loose powder under my eyes, because it doesn't need any evening out or any staying power!

Look, Mommy, no lines! Holy moly, I love it. And it looks like this all day!

In other beautynews, check out the glow I have going on in those last two pictures. It's Wet 'n Wild's Ultimate Minerals loose blush in Rose Shimmer (I think I've mentioned this product before), but let me just reiterate that it's great. Really keeps away the winter pastiness.

And here's one last picture- more about this awesome lip product tomorrow!


  1. love your blog!!! your pictures are gorgeous, and your make up is amazing!!!! xx

  2. hey thanks! i totally pour over your blog. i miss japan so much!