Sunday, February 28, 2010

review: suave aloe vera & ginseng shampoo

i just bought this shampoo last weekend. and i've used it every day since then, so i guess i've been using it long enough to review it! i couldn't find a picture on the internet, so i think it's really recent. i got it at walmart last weekend, mostly because of the packaging (it's green!):

because it was less than $2 (!), and because it says volumizing on the bottle! i call that a win-win-win situation!

now about the shampoo.... it smells really nice. pretty and clean and flower-y. and it lathers up good too. the first time i tried it, though, it really weighed my hair down and flattened my roots. wait, this is supposed to be volumizing?? what the....? but i kept giving it more tries because i love the bottle (!!!), and made sure to rinse it out really good. much better. i'm not sure it does a lot of extra volumizing, but it does make my hair wavier, so score!

this sounds silly, because who cares what color the bottle is, but i really wanted a cheap shampoo that has pretty green packaging, smells girly, and is volumizing. wish granted!

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