Monday, February 1, 2010

The world's most classic skincare routine

Which is mine. And amazingly, it's really been working for me. These are my daily products:

1. Dove Beauty Bar
2. Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel
3. Clearasil Tinted Treatment Acne Cream
4. St. Ives Apricot Scrub- Blemish & Blackhead
5. Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Eye Cream
6. Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Isn't that green little box so cute?? I got it in Japan last time I was there. I use the other compartments to hold my bobby pins, hair ties, Q-tips, and nail clippers. It has successfully kept my bathroom drawer less chaotic. That has nothing to do with my skincare routine, though. Moving on....

In the morning I wash my fave with Dove's Beauty Bar (which I've reviewed before). I really like it. It's cheaper than dirt, cleans, moisturizes, and many claim that it even prevents wrinkles (!). I guess I'll have to let you know in about 25 years about the wrinkles. Except by then there will be no such thing as a "blog." Weird.

Then I swipe witch hazel all over my face. People have been using this toner forever! I started doing this because I saw that huge bottle in the picture on sale at Walgreens for $1.50. I was interested in some kind of deep cleaner because with my extra mild, moisturizing face wash, I'm always worried that I never really get my face clean. This takes care of that. It claims to purify your pores, and lock in moisture. I think it really does that, because it's never caused any crusty spots on my face. Now, I have to confess: The first time I tried this toner (and the second, third, fourth, etc.), the smell almost made me gag. But now I don't even notice it! Weird, huh?

I use cheap-o cotton rounds from Walmart to apply it. But to save even more money, I snip them in half, because you never really use the whole cotton round. So that makes the cost almost negligible:

See? Still plenty big.

After witch hazel, I dab some Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide acne stuff on, if I happen to have a bump forming. I usually only have like one at a time. I bought this stuff because it was on sale (I used to use the Clean and Clear kind), but I don't like it at all. Only because it's tinted, though. And it would probably help conceal a blemish if you had skin the same tone as Tyra Banks, but I am much much paler than her, so it shows up dark orange on me :S. Not cute. But I kind of blend it away with my next product....

Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Now this is a true classic. It even says "The Caring Classic" on the bottle. This is saving my skin in the winter time. Very moisturizing, and makes my skin kind of shiny, in a good way. (Hey, I said shiny, not oily!). But um, don't try this if you have oily skin. This is only for old ladies, or 21-year-olds with old lady skin, like me.

Then I apply the Neutrogena Eye Cream under my eyes. I just started using this stuff, and I really like it. It's really smooth, and it absorbs super fast! I think it's because of the specific kind of Retinol in the product (or so the package says). The Retinol is supposed to get rid of dark circles, too, which is why I bought it. I don't think I've been using it long enough to tell yet, but I think I can see a small difference. Or it's wishful thinking, we'll see.

At night, I use the Apricot Scrub. This kind has salicylic acid in it, and it keeps my bumps away. I use this at night, because by the end of the day, I usually have some flakes going on. This totally gets rid of those and makes my face smooth. I always read in magazines that you're only supposed to exfoliate your face once a week, or some beauty editor propoganda like that, but how?? I tried to cut back a couple of times, thinking it was damaged my face or something, but my face just looked awful! So now I exfoliate every night. Hey, whatever works, right? Your skin cells turn over while you sleep, so when I wake up, my skin is still smooth for my makeup.

Oh, and Pond's at night too.

Let me also say that all over these are super cheap! (Except for the eye cream. But like I said, I'm trying to get rid of my circles). I truly think you can find things that work for you at the drugstore and make you look beautiful, as long as you know your skin really well. Like how much moisture do you need? Which ingredients are you sensitive to? Figure it out, then find some cheap, reliable products to help your skin's particular issues.

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  1. I love that witch hazel , I've been using it for years! And yes the smell is completely horrific, but I'm also used to it. I also use that Neutrogena your blog!