Saturday, June 12, 2010

revlon colorstay eyeliner in "teal"

did you know that revlon's amazing colorstay eyeliner is only $5 at walmart? i did not. i guess it's been a while since i bought one of these, even though i used to be obsessed. i wore the "black brown" like every day in high school...... why did i stop that again? i can't remember.

at first i didn't like this liner. i couldn't really get it right. then i realized it looks totally dorky unless the liner is very sharp. i lined my eyes almost all the way around, and i like how it brightens them up. this would be a great look for summer traveling, because all revlon colorstay products are the mother of long-lasting, and because it only took me one product for my eyes (not including black mascara, of course). oh yeah, and because the packaging is very travel-friendly. 

*note to self: take this with me to mammoth cave and dinosaur world next month!! woot!

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