Thursday, June 10, 2010

revlon nail enamel in "minted"

alright, so i caved. i finally bought this mint polish after walgreens-stalking it all over town. i know i say this about every new nail polish i buy, but this one is my *favorite*

(until the next one, of course.)

doesn't it go perfectly with my bangle??

ok, so the formula's not so great. but that's what base and top coats were invented for, folks! i've gotten four days of wear from this manicure already, with only one tiny chip. and it's not because revlon nail polish is amazing, it's because my sally hansen top coat is.


  1. I got it too and love the color, but I hated the formula so much that I complained to Revlon and they sent me a $5 off coupon by mail (=

  2. really?? no way! makes me want to complain just for the heck of it.... heehee

  3. I bought this nail polish today.
    The colour is gorgeous, But the formula is terrible.
    I hate it.