Monday, June 7, 2010

wet 'n wild meglast lipstick in "just peachy"

oops, sorry for being absent. i've been off having some birthday/memorial day/summer vacation fun. but don't worry, i have *tons* of new stuff to review and gush about. first off, my new favorite peach lip product! (i refuse to say "lippie", because i hate that word. almost as much as i hate "gorge." bleh). 

it's part of wet 'n wild's new collection called megalast. let me just say, both the lipstick and the nail polish from this collection are awesome. i highly recommend them, especially because they're dirt cheap. here's the lipstick in "just peachy" in person:

oh look, it's featured in my lip products hall of fame =P. it's the one on top in the black tube.

now, this is called "megalast" after all, so it's very matte and long-lasting. if you weren't born with perfectly moist, pillowy lips, then it will probably accentuate any dry spots. so uhh, exfoliate! even still, i like to wear it with a little balm or gloss over it. 

here it is with just a little balm:

and here it is with shiny gloss (which i think i prefer):

can we talk about the color? how perfect is it?? it's like the love child of pale peach and pale pink. for some reason, this perfect shade is *so hard* for me to find at the drugstore. who would've thought that one of the cheapest makeup brands in the world would make it? it's laughable.

by the way, there are lots of other mouth-watering shades too. "wine room" looks particularly appealing.... anyone else love these lipsticks? or found your perfect peachy-pink shade?

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