Thursday, August 12, 2010

new most favoritest lip gloss. of. all. time.

apparently i will just brainlessly haul off and buy anything that gianna from nouveau cheap says is awesome. but hey, it's been working for me! she's always right.

my latest discovery? a very unlikely one.... a lip gloss from black radiance. haha. it's only funny because i bet the manufacturers didn't think that someone of my pallor would buy their products for women of color.... lol. it reminds me of that time my (male) cousin bought the pantene shampoo for women of color because it was the only formula in the drugstore he wasn't allergic to.... good times :).

well, gianna tested out a darker berry shade, but i had my eye on this amazing golden peach color. i actually ran out the very next day to buy it....

black radiance radiant lip gloss in "copper glow"

$2.84 at walmart!

isn't it beautiful?? it's 10 times more shimmery, metallic, and pigmented in real life. and it's not sticky at all! it has a sort of strong flowery fragrance to it that fades after not too long. buy hey, old lady smells have never really bothered me. and it lasts pretty long for a lip gloss!

i'm not really much of a gloss person, but this one is changing my mind!

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