Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wishlist for fall: shiny brown hair color

i haven't been dyeing my hair for a couple of months now. it's been liberating, easy, and just plain lazy. perfect for summer. but i'm becoming more and more discontent with my natural look. you know why? because i've been reading (too many) september issue magazines, which are basically comprised of 500 pages of wishful thinking. they make you unsatisfied with everything in your closet. oh yeah, and the weather. it's still scorching hot outside, and i'm wishing for changing leaves and a brisk feeling in the air. and a beautiful autumnal (gah, i hate that word!) hair color to match. 

now here's the tough part- which one do i want??

photo: nicky hilton,

light golden brown?

medium golden brown?

photo: jessica biel,

rich auburn?

tell me which one is better! i'm thinking i wanna make the change before i leave for my trip to new york in 3 weeks! :D


  1. Well, I am not sure what shade you picked, but I would go with the cooler brown up top. I hope whatever you chose looks nice! And interestingly enough, my loathing of magazines is quite similar to yours. I have accumulated years and years of fashion mags and all the time i saved all of them thinking "oh I'll clip my favorite looks out of these and make inspiration walls and bla bla bla bla," but it never happened and I really never cared about 2007s summer trends again after flipping through the July issue that year, and they were taking up so much space I didn't have any room for BOOKS in my book shelves and they just reminded me of ambition gone soft, on top of being filled with looks that were intensely impractical and insanely over priced and girls that are horribly thin and too beautiful to be real, and if they were real I knew it didn't really matter anyway since they will never cross over in to MY world anyway, so I tossed them. I would like to say I donated them to the library or something, but I just threw them in one of the burn ditches and burned the crap out of them all. done. I will never buy another magazine. Just a waste of ink an paper telling me I should buy some shit or look some way. bla. its over for me. Sorry to unload like that here, but you asked I guess!! I hope it didn't sound like I was yelling. I really had a sort of monotone voice the whole time. and yes, I feel liberated. so, Hi! Nice to meet ya!

  2. Haha, no that's great! I know what you mean. But the shiny pages keep drawing me in.... lol.