Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sally hansen hard as nails in "sheer vanilla"

you know how in magazines editors are always talking about their favorite sheer pale pink color for their skin tone? well i think this is mine.... except it's not pink. huh?

i don't really like the look of pink polish on me, but this milky shade is perfect. it only takes one quick coat to make you look polished (ha) and professional. i usually don't need to look polished and professional, but sometimes i do! plus it's super long-lasting, only $2, and available almost everywhere. 
did you also know that it's a great base coat? oh, and sometimes i paint a coat of this over a different color to make it more pastel. more about that later :P. don't worry, i won't leave you hanging.
anyone else have a boring, sheer, neutral favorite?

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