Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sinful colors nail polish- BOGO!

From left: Bali Mist, Tokyo Pearl (I couldn't resist- I'm a Tokyo girl, born and raised), Easy Going (which is really a pale pink, not white), Mercury Rising, Euro Trash, and Boogie Nights.

This week at Walgreens (sale ends on Sunday), these nail polishes by Sinful Colors are buy one get one free! They're normally priced at $1.99, but getting one free would make it a dollar! I've reviewed "Mercury Rising" before, a shiny brown color, but let me tell you that all of these shades are great! They're long-lasting, come in several different finishes, and have a HUGE color selection from nudes that my grandma would wear, to intense brights that my 8-year-old sister keeps trying to steal from me. The shades above are only the ones that I have, but the display at Walgreens probably has 50 different colors. Go check em out!

If you're perhaps crazy and feel like you need more color options, check out and browse many, many more shades. BUT (here's the kicker) they're $2.50 online! Plus S+H! Gasp. You'd do much better to heed my sage advice and head to Walgreens.

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