Monday, March 1, 2010

weird things to put on your face

seriously, i've tried all of these and they're great when your face really needs something.

1. apirin- get rid of acne
you've probably heard of this one before- it's been passed around a lot of blogs lately. you take an aspirin tablet (which is salicylic acid in solid form), crush it up, mix with water, apply to face! let it dry, then wash it off. your face will be clearer the next day!

2. elmer's glue- get rid of blackheads on your nose!
my little sister told me about this one.... we were highly curious, so we ran to walmart, bought a butt-cheap bottle of elmer's glue, spread the smelly gunk on our (clean!) noses, waited for it to dry, and then peeled it off. weird and smelly, yes, but highly effective!

3. hand soap- moisturize your poor poor winter skin
i discovered this on my own. get a hand soap that has vitamin e or shea butter (or both!), or even that dial cranberry antioxidant stuff and use it as your facial cleanser. they usually smell good, work well, and are very very cheap. i like to use the dial white tea & vitamin e hand soap that i've posted about before.

4. body lotion- chemically exfoliate your poor poor winter skin
i've also posted about this before, but you can use a body lotion with cool ingredients (like AHAs) to seriously help your skin. these will slough off the outer layer of skin and make you look brighter over all.

5. sugar- physically exfoliate
i like to mix this with my usual cleanser to use a very very cheap exfoliator. want to know how to make it even cheaper? snag a small sugar packet from starbucks (or whatever coffee shop.... or even mcdonalds for that matter) and use that! a little bit is all you need.

6. olive oil- hard core moisturizer (or just eye cream)
after you wash your face at night, rub a little bit of olive oil all over your face (or if you're afraid you'll break out or get too greasy, just rub it under your eyes). your skin will be baby soft by morning! also, did you know that olive oil is noncomodogenic? sweet.

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