Friday, May 28, 2010

carrie bradshaw look

since i have accidental free cable tv now, i've been a total bum and have basically done nothing except work and watch tv. yup, the post-grad life is a good one. while watching an old rerun of sex and the city the other night, i couldn't keep from staring at carrie's stunning makeup. she had very warm gold eyeshadow on (which is basically my favorite eyeshadow look of all time) and bright pink cheeks. but what really killed me was her perfect spicy-neutral matte lipstick that made her eyes look so blue. observe:

ok, so the pictures don't do her any justice. but if you've ever seen an episode of sex and the city, you know what i'm talking about. so i instantly thought, how can i try this myself?? i dug out some old covergirl outlast lipsticks, and this is what happened:

eyes: the gold pan from covergirl's 4-pan in "country woods"
cheeks: that same cotton candy pink blush from last time (i'm looking for a new one, btw)
lips: 2 covergirl outlast shades- "sleek suede" (L) and "my papaya" (R), below:

i actually wore "my papaya" to my wedding.... which made me smile today :). i've forgotten how much i loved these outlast lipsticks. i think i have like... uhh too many. i'm definitely gonna have to start wearing these more, since they stay awesome-looking for hours upon hours, which is great for this ridiculously hot nashville weather.

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