Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lipgloss holy grail

Ok, I cheated on my plan to not buy a lip product until I completely ran out... which would take me about 12 years I think, give or take. But I found the perfect color of lipgloss yesterday! It's Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine for Lips in Peony. See how pretty that is? It's the perfect pinky-peach that most drugstore lipglosses just don't carry. I'm ecstatic about this. It smells really good, like some sort of exotic fruit that I can't put my finger on. And it's super shiny (hence the Lacquer in the name) and iridescent. It's a little sticky, but I don't mind my lipgloss somewhat sticky. I hate those glosses that are so watery that I'm afraid they'll just slide off my lips. Oh, and it has a little brush applicator, not a sponge! Perfect.

The only problem? I think it's being discontinued.... I didn't find it on the Sally Hansen website.... Yikes.

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