Friday, April 10, 2009

Never buy a face scrub again!

I read an online beauty article the other day about DIY beauty products, and it said that you could use sugar to exfoliate your face. The article said it wasn't too harsh for your skin because sugar dissolves with water. Of course, I thought this was a great idea. Especially because every time I visit my mother-in-law, she sends me home with 30 cans of green beans and a big bag of sugar. But it wasn't until yesterday that it hit me- why not just mix a little bit of sugar in with your regular face wash? Then you'll know your face won't get irritated by it. Plus, you're saving money buy not going out and buying a separate scrub.

I tried it last night by mixing a little bit of sugar in with my regular Cetaphil and it worked great! My skin was really smooth, soft, and glowy. And now I finally have a use for all that sugar in my pantry!

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