Wednesday, April 14, 2010

review: palmer's cocoa butter formula for dry, ashy skin

(yes, i know it's been a couple weeks since i last wrote.... so sorry! i've been super busy and stressed about my senior recital. pictures from that later! i'm feeling less stressed out now, so i couldn't wait to get back to my blog :)

ok ok, i know it's funny. why would a VERY WHITE girl like me need a lotion for ashy skin? actually, my husband thinks this is pretty darn hilarious. 

well, the reason i'm using this is because it contains AHAs, which keeps my chicken skin on my arms under control. my old favorite (lubriderm triple therapy lotion) is MIA. i've been to umpteen different drugstores, not to mention several targets and walmarts..... nothing. but ironically, at the walmart about a mile away from my house, i found another lotion with the same ingredient, that's even cheaper. score!

i believe it was less than $6. in a huge bottle. and just fyi, the bottle i bought doesn't have a slightly scandalous female form on the front :P.

so does it work as well as my lubriderm stuff? yes, i think so. it's really light and milky feeling. and i think it keeps the chicken skin away on the backs of my arms.


the smell! oh my! it's very (as my husband said) pungent. so much so that he has stopped cuddling with me when we're trying to fall asleep. eep :S. so i guess i'm still looking for a new body lotion with AHA for my arms....

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