Friday, April 30, 2010

DON'T try this at home: honey on your face

i read on the other day that washing your face with honey is good for dry, flaky skin. they also said it was antimicrobial, so it wouldn't cause you to break out! sounds perfect, right?

ha! not even close. i felt pretty good about it at first. i mixed some honey with warm water, and rubbed it all over my face. it wasn't as sticky as i thought. and my skin felt smooth and soft. but the next day? i realized i had some honey stuck in my hair (yuck!) and tiny little bumps all over my face.

darn. i was hoping it'd be awesome.

BUT, i did read a tip in seventeen (hey, i was waiting in an eternal line at walmart) that you can dye your hair darker with coffee. since i'm apparently such a glutton for punishment, i might try that too.

but i think i'll wait until after graduation next week....

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