Friday, April 16, 2010

new nail polish: revlon's "lilac pastelle"

oh, my my. i really don't mean to keep buying new nail polishes. but can i help it that i love pastels, and it's spring so there are tons of new pastels on the market?? of course i can't. that's what i'm telling myself, anyway.

i've been looking for a lilac cream for FOREVER. who would've thought that i'd love cream formulas so much? i used to be all about the metallics (you know, when i was 12....). i paid between $4 and $4.50 for this at walgreens.... i don't usually spend that much on a silly nail polish, but what can i say? i loved it and walgreens was the only place that had it. end of story.

they also had a gorgeous mint green shade in this spring collection that's totally my cup of tea.... you're next, mint green.


  1. I got Minted some times ago! It's gorgeous! Lilac Pastelle looks great, too! But I'm a little disappointed by the application of this polish. It goes on streaky and the brush is so thin! But it does last 5 days! Amazing =D

  2. yeah, i needed 3 coats to get it how i wanted. and it's not very shiny. but i just love the colors! i'm also eyeing that pale gray one....