Monday, April 19, 2010

$1 bronzer (for very pale girls)

i bought this eyeshadow on recommendation from nouveaucheap (if you haven't browsed her blog yet, you seriously need to!). it's sally girl connecting eyeshadow in cinnamon, and they're all $1 at sally beauty supply stores. i thought it was pretty nifty that you could hook them together with other eyeshadows and build your own palette!

unfortunately, it kind of sucks as an eyeshadow. it's not very pigmented, and not shimmery enough for my liking (i LOVE shimmer eyeshadows). but one day on a whim, i discovered that it's awesome at giving my white skin some glow.

i love it because it's so natural. now i must confess, i've never extensively tested out bronzers before. but i do know (from some of my friends, ahem) that when pale people try to compensate by piling on the bronzer, they just look too orange or too muddy. not cute. but this, i like.

try it, it's only a dollar!

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