Thursday, April 15, 2010

review: hard candy balm girls tinted lip balm

i bought this balm about a month ago, because the color just looked amazing. it's so hard to find a cross between peach and pink at the drugstore, for some reason. unfortunately for me, this is one of my favorite shades! anyway, i was really hoping that this balm would be the answers to my lip product wish:

1. the perfect mixture of peach and pink
2. sheer color
3. moisturizing

well, it seems that i got more than what i wished for- it's not only sheer but practically invisible!

what? but it looks so pigmented in the tube! oh no, on my lips it's like wearing plain old clear balm. bah.

but it does feel really great- super super smooth. like butter. compared to all of my other lip balms (even eos!), it's way smoother and creamier. plus when you wear it over a lipstick, it makes the texture look light and amazing (more about that later)! so i'm definitely keeping it around. i just wish it had some tint to it....

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