Sunday, May 2, 2010

found: holy grail lipstick!!

revlon colorburst lipstick in soft rose!

i've suspiciously eyed this lipstick many a time in the drugstore aisles but never convinced myself to spend $8 on it. but THEN....

i found a $3 coupon! go to, and all you have to do is register your e-mail address to print out a $3 off coupon for any colorburst lipstick. woot!

what i love about this lipstick is it's exactly the same shade as covergirl's now defunct blushberry shine. PLUS everything they've said about this lipstick is true. it feels very light and luscious, but is highly pigmented. it's not as sheer as blushberry shine, but i'm ok with that. that means it actually stays put on my lips! after the creamy feeling kind of fades and you think your lipstick has all worn off, it leaves behind a super pretty vintage-doll-looking stain! even after eating a meal, which means it's perfect for dates!

also, you can get different effects with it. in the picture above, i just applied one very light layer. it just kind of brightens up your face and looks natural. but if you apply more, it's a more classic, sophisticated look. the shade is neutral enough to go with practically anything. i've worn it with cool eyeshadows and warm eyeshadows. oh, it's definitely never leaving my purse.

i think i will cry if they ever discontinue it, which means they will, just because i love it.

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