Thursday, March 25, 2010

e.l.f. haul.... from target!

look at all the stuff i got for $11!

oh yeah, and a n.y.c. liquid eyeliner thrown in there too. i read that one of the rockettes swears by this eyeliner, and i'm in the market for a new one (for the musical!), so i bought it. it was definitely less than $2. oh yeah, and the fake lashes are for the play too. who wants to mess with gobs of mascara on stage? not me.

anyways, the coolest thing i got from my "haul" (does $11 count as a haul?) is the palette. you can purchase little magnetic pans of eyeshadow, blush, or lipgloss (only eyeshadow is available at target, though) and make your own customized palette! so cool. i know what you're thinking: why do i need any more eyeshadow?? i have that huge honkin' palette of 120 colors. but i'm not actually gonna take that thing on a trip somewhere! or carry it in my purse! so i figured this was a good thing to keep on hand:

moondust, mocha, pink ice, and golden glow

these are all of my favorite neutral shadow colors! and i'm really loving having them all together in one palette. and even though each component is only $1, this stuff is good quality! not as shimmery as some other shadows i have, but i really like it. you could make these shades work for anything, for a daytime event or even a more dramatic situation. i'm definitely taking this with me to my in-laws' house this weekend. 

i'll post more about the other items after i've tested them out!

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