Monday, March 15, 2010

snip 'n save

even when you think you've used up all of a product, there's probably still some skulking around at the bottom. bottom-dwellers, if you will. my foundation was running low the other day, and i decided to snip open the container to see exactly how much i still had. and behold:

tons! this will last me for about a month, i'm guessing. pretty cool, huh? i wonder what else i can break open and search for treasure- toothpaste, concealer, face wash.... crab legs. mmmmm, crab. (i started a diet today, so i'm SUPER hungry).


  1. I did the same with a hand cream that had been discontinued and that I absolutely loved. I put the remaining quandtity in a jar and it lasted me around 2 weeks!

  2. nice! maybe if i keep saving money on little things, it'll make up for all the money i waste on lip products....