Sunday, March 21, 2010

jordana incolor pretty shine luxury gloss: gotta catch 'em all!

whew, what a mouthful of a name. i bet you guys have tried these lipglosses before, because they're only 2 bucks at walgreens. the first one i ever tried (like 2 years ago... ha!) was "dazzling", the bright tangerine shade. the formula is awesome! it's smooth, pigmented but still a little sheer, shiny, and smells like apples. this is a perfect gloss for spring and summer:

the next one i tried was "adorable", a pale nude gloss. i figured the formula would be the same. nope, not so. it's thicker, stickier, and very frosty. BUT, i've found that if you apply clear balm first, it goes on really smooth and sheer. it's pretty to pair with bold eyes:

my newest addition is "lovely", which is really true to its name! it's like a beigy pink, mostly beige. this gloss has a lot of shimmer to it, but isn't sticky like "adorable." 

i like this shade because it's slightly darker than my natural lip color and is really neutral. which means i finally found something to wear with my teal shirts! see? 

yay! plus because of the shimmer, it doesn't wear off as quickly as the other two. here are some pics of the actual tubes. you'll see that "dazzling" is actually a tangerine color, not blood orange like it looks in the first picture.

 top: dazzling
middle: adorable
bottom: lovely

of course, they have other shades available too. the bright red looks interesting.... anyone else tried these?

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