Saturday, March 13, 2010

what to pair with your bright lipstick

this is what i slapped on my face for a friend's wedding today. it was really dreary outside, and i wanted to counteract that with bright lips. plus, i secretly (oops, not anymore!) want to someday be known as the crazy old lady in the garish lipstick. i'm well on my way, you know.... i already have the lipstick and i'm half-way crazy. now i'm just waiting to get old.... which is happening a lot quicker these days! .....eep.

maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in "wine and roses"

umm, it looked brighter in real life. but keep in mind, this is after i ate 2 chicken salad croissants, some pineapple, and drank nasty wedding punch! this lipstick does not claim to be long-lasting, only moisturizing. but trust me, it's both! it feels like no other lipstick i've ever tried. suuuper smooth. this is *probably* my favorite lipstick, as far as formula goes. the only problem is that they sort of have wonky shades. oh well. if i ever happen to find my perfect shade and my perfect formula in one little lipstick, i'll die a happy woman (in garish lipstick).

so anyways, it's hard to know what to do with your statement lips. if you eat too many chicken salad croissants, your lipstick will wear off, and you'll be left with a boring and lackluster face. if you go too crazy with your other makeup, though, you end up looking too theatrical. this is my solution. 

pair bright lipstick with:
1. nude, shimmery shadow- just enough to make your eyes sparkle (today it was gold)
2. a subtle amount of brown eyeliner- not black! unless you're doing a black liquid cat eye with your bold lipstick, in which case i say you're awesome!
3. black mascara- waterproof, if you're going to a wedding! i swear i cry every time....
4. defined eyebrows- it kind of balances your lips. otherwise it's like hellooooo lips.
5. blush just on the apples of your cheeks- just a little bit to complement your lipstick. and you can always blend some of your lipstick into your cheeks. then you always know the colors will go together.
6. nooo face powder! unless you have extremely oily skin. i think this is a relatively new makeup trend. magazines always say it looks "fresher" to pair bold lips with "dewy" skin, whatever those words mean. does anyone else get sick of reading the same descriptive words in magazines these days??

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