Sunday, March 7, 2010

orly nail polish in "green with envy"

why is it that almost every nail polish brand has a shade named "green with envy" and they all look vastly different? i also have the sally hansen one and it's lime green. weird.....

well, i usually don't spend more than like $2 on nail polish.... but i saw this one at sally beauty supply several months ago (december?) and i decided i needed it.  it was $6, so a little expensive for me, but not exactly a huge splurge.


i think i only used 2 coats. it's very pigmented, very smooth, and will last at least 5 days on your nails. you know, depending on what you do with those nails. i like everything about it, except how hard it is to remove! lately i've been lazy (and a bit anxious, apparently) and have just been chipping all my polish off. hey, i guess that's one way to save money on nail polish remover.

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