Wednesday, March 10, 2010

in my makeup bag

1. wet 'n wild ultimate minerals loose powder in 270 fair

i used physician's formula mineral powder for a long time (which is kind of expensive for me), until i realized that it was making my winter skin look cakey. i tried this on a whim, and it makes my face look silky and smooth. i think it's the little shimmer particles in there. and um, have i mentioned that it's cheap? about $5!
2. EOS lipbalm in honeysuckle honeydew
how else can you moisturize both lips at once? this stuff is awesome. i like how it feels like it actually sinks into your lips, instead of sitting on top. i always slick this on before i go to bed, because it's not greasy and doesn't get all over my pillow.
3. rimmel fix & perfect face primer
i've posted about this before, but i apply this just under my eyes before my concealer to keep me from looking like an old lady, which i'm not.... yet.
4. ecotools brush set
my sister bought this for me for my last birthday (thanks, amy!) i use these every day! i use the big fluffy brush for my face powder (when i wear it.... sometimes i don't), the concealer brush for uhh concealer, and the angle brush for my eyeliner. i just dip the brush in my mascara excess, and line my lower lash line with the awesome blackness. i've successfully eliminated the need to buy eyeliner anymore! woot.
5. revlon colorstay active light makeup in ivory
GREAT STUFF. feels like tinted moisturizer going on, totally blends into my skin, and lasts all day. i never wanna use anything else, if i can help it.
6. maybelline great lash mascara in blackest black
you guys know how i feel about this stuff. the day they discontinue this neon tube of inky goodness will be a very dark day indeed.
7. maybelline cover up stick in medium beige
what? why medium beige? i know you've heard that you're supposed to apply an undereye concealer that's lighter than your skintone, but i always think that it only draws attention to the problem. this medium beige color has enough pigment to hide all of my darkness and looks way more natural than white under my eyes. trust me, i think i did that all through high school. eep.
8. maybelline dream mousse blush in soft plum and peach satin
these blushes are great. they blend in effortlessly, and have a touch of shimmer. super easy. i have 2 shades listed on here because i'm always switching.... if i wear blue or green, i wear the soft plum shade. i wear the peach one for pretty much everything else. am i the only one who thinks that blue, green, and teal look awful with anything orange-based? maybe it's just me....
9. mary kay signature concealer in light ivory
this is the only non-drugstore product i always buy! i think they've since changed the packaging and shade names, but this is what i still have in my makeup bag. it lasts forever, and i only need a little dab every time. it's a super lightweight liquid that completely covers little discolorations and acne. plus it's waterproof. it's $10, so a little more pricey than the rest of my items, but like i said, it'll last about a whole decade.
10. maybelline define-a-brow pencil in light blonde
the lightest pencil i can find! it totally makes my brows look natural and not too sparse. plus i just really love the green packaging. but without the cute packaging, it would still be the best eyebrow pencil i've found.
11. physician's formula baked wet/dry eyeshadow in baked sands
i've used other shades before, too. these shadows are great. they look almost metallic when you apply them wet. i use the darkest shade in this trio to line my eyes when i want a softer liner look than "blackest black." like when i want to wear really bright lipstick.


  1. Hello! I'm a new follower =D

    I absolutely want that EOS lipbalm. I'm still waiting for it to be available in my local drugstore. It looks so cute! But I'm still not sure about the flavor?

  2. hey awesome!

    i know, it just looks so cute! i really like the honeysuckle honeydew flavor, but i heard the red summer fruit one has a citrus-y smell.... might need to get another one