Wednesday, May 19, 2010

exciting beauty news: i have a new fancy gismo!

sorry i've been MIA lately. i've been busy with, you know, graduating from colllege!!! woooo~!

in celebration of my being awesome, my husband bought me a ridiculously awesome present:

a clarisonic!! how excited am i? very. i've never even said i really wanted one. he just did some research and thought this sounded like something i would like. what a good husband :P haha. he even bought the brand-new yellow clarisonic mia and had it engraved for me! i guess he really wants me to stay pretty, huh? ha.

daniel's pretty cute, huh?

i always imagined the brush to be kind of stiff to get all that crap out your pores, but it's surprisingly soft!

the box i keep it in, with a trial-size clarisonic cleanser and a replacement brush head. oh yeah, it also came with a full-size (big!) cleanser called gentle hydro cleanser, which is pretty cool. it retails on its own for $25 online :S. eep.

my clarisonic box, heehee

well, i've been using this for about a week and a half so far, only at night. has it made a big difference? definitely! i guess from the stress of trying to get all my schoolwork done, my face went crazy a few weeks ago. i've never broken out that bad in my entire life, not even during puberty. i had several big pimples, plus the delightful mt. vesuvius on my chin. nice for all those grad pictures, huh? thankfully, i did a good job of concealing all of it. but still! having tons of zits lurking under your makeup does nothing for anyone's self-esteem!

my little clarisonic friend has cleared all of that mess up. in just a few days. and now my face feels like velvet.... or suede.... or something that's not human skin. awesome! and i haven't broken out since. i still have some little tiny bumps (i get those all the time), so maybe when i switch from the sensitive brush head to the normal, that will clear up too? who knows. all i know is i love this guy. 

like i said, it's only been a week and half-ish, so i'll update you on any further progress. but i'm guessing that things will only get better from here.


  1. I love my Mia too!! Thanks for posting about it- I think everyone should experience the magic that is Clarisonic!They are doing a giveaway on Twitter right now- you should check it out- can never have too many beauty tools like that, right?

  2. no kidding! i feel so spoiled now haha but it's worth it.