Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new favorite body wash!

i don't think i've ever repurchased one particular kind of body wash/shower gel before. it seems to take me forever to finish a bottle, and by that time, i'm bored. but i tend to go for citrusy scents. one of my favorites was bath and body works' white citrus shower gel. but um, it's kind of pricey for such a small (but cute!) bottle.

but HOLY MOLY, i think i heard some handel's messiah when i smelled this body wash. WOW.

olay sheer moisture ribbons with mandarin oil

it's singularly amazing. of course, it's all wrong for me. the bottle isn't green, it isn't an amazing bargain, and it's not citrusy at all. but i can't help it, i'm in love. it smells kind of sweet and exotic at the same time (yall, i really can't describe scents to save my life. i'm not one of those people who can be like, "well the top notes are such-and-such and the drydown is doo-hickey...." yeah right). but trust me when i saw it's awesome

it's a little over $6 at walmart, which is probably twice as much as i'd usually pay, but can i help it that my mom is in town and told me i needed it?? haha, i think not. it also comes in bar soap, for about $3 for 2, which is a considerably better deal. maybe next time i'll do that.

i'm not used to such a creamy body wash. i always do the gel thing. but it's nice. it's also really great for shaving your legs. just saying....

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