Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sale at rite-aid!

look what i scored today (on the cheap!):

i've been running low on my staples (my maybelline eyebrow pencil, concealer, and mascara), but i've been waiting for a good drugstore sale. i was really holding out for a BOGO sale, but this week's sale at rite-aid is almost as good. it's 40% off on all maybelline cosmetics! pretty good. so all i had to do was register for a wellness+ card (i haven't yet because i hardly ever shop at rite-aid), and i got all my items at a discounted price. here's how much i spent:

concealer- $3.33
brow pencil- $4.01
mascara- $3.11
TOTAL: $11.42 (with tax)

not bad, eh? the receipt said i saved $6.98. i was feeling pretty smart, until i realized... uhhh why didn't i buy more necessities?? i may have to go back for some superstay lipsticks, because i'm quite fond of them :).

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