Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i feel spoiled

look what my parents-in-law just got me for graduation! 

it's a jewelry armoire! i was sooooo excited!

ok, so now you've seen all of my jewelry... ha. i even had room to fill the bottom 2 drawers with all of my lipsticks! pretty cool.

a big part of me feels guilty for all of this stuff, though.... i have a clarisonic, enough jewelry to fill a large piece of furniture, a very easy part-time job that i love and happens to pay well, a nice apartment, internet, and yesterday my husband and i discovered that the internet guy accidentally hooked up our cable too! so now we have cable tv.... who the heck am i?? i never thought i would have all of this.... 

i feel bad. 

no more shopping for me for a while. i have waaaay more than i need, and some people don't have nearly enough to stay alive. it makes me sick to my stomach.

not that i don't appreciate an awesome gift, because i definitely do!

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