Thursday, May 20, 2010

my favorite perfume of all time

i just realized i've never said anything about fragrance before. maybe because this is one of the few areas where i know exactly what i like- fruity and happy. so it only makes sense that i looooove escada. they have several different scents, but they all smell very similar. this is the one i'm using now:

since this is one of escada's earlier fragrances, you can find it for cheaper (about $25-ish?) than some of the newer ones. but like i said, they all smell pretty much the same- happy! as soon as i spray it on, i have the inexplicable urge to dance around like richard simmons.

here's another favorite:

it also smells happy. but maybe sweeter than the escada one? i would totally wear this one a lot, but it's expensive! it's about $25 for that tiny, tiny amount. boo, gwen stefani.

what are y'all's favorites? especially for spring/summer?


  1. Wow I LOVE Escada! Pacific Paradise used to be my favourite until I discovered Jessica Simpson fancy - YUMMY!

    After finishing her bottle of Pacifi Paradise, my best friend boughr Moon Sparkle - and yes, it's totally yummy! You are right, all Escada perfumes smell similar, and I like that ^^

  2. yeah me too! my goal is to try all of them. how cool would my dresser look with matching lined-up escada bottles? ha.