Monday, January 10, 2011

holy grail lip product: maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in "rum raisin"

i mentioned this lipstick in my new faves post last week. i seriously can't rave enough about it. i bought it on a 40% maybelline sale at rite aid (i think in november??), mostly just on a whim. But at first swipe, I knew it was a keeper. It's somehow everything I want in one package- sheer to medium color that can be applied without a mirror, feels like a balm, goes with any eye makeup look, and brightens my face up instantly. see for yourself:

so easy, and yet so pretty! you can tell more in the second picture that it's not an opaque, creamy finish. it's more gel/balm-like, which is awesome. it somehow makes my cheeks look flushed and my eyes sparkle. that should really be the test of a fabulous lipstick-

1. does it make your cheeks look flushed?
2. does it make your eyes bright and sparkly?
3. can you apply it with ease?
4. do you have 4+ back-ups of it in various purses, drawers, or places around your house?

then it's a holy grail lipstick :). no but seriously, i do have several back-ups.... i spotted these moisture extreme lipsticks on clearance at walgreens around thanksgiving time, and had a panic attack, thinking that they were being discontinued. so i bought like 3 tubes for myself (they were between 2 and 3 dollars, but still....). oh, and also a couple for my mom.... and my sister.... and my cousin :S. and you know what?? they all love it too! of course it helps that we all have the exact same coloring, but still. it's fabulous!
maybelline used to have a huge color selection of these lipsticks, but they've discontinued all but about 10. the amazing "rum raisin" is among them. although i think walgreens is phasing them out to make room for new products this january, they're still sold at target and walmart (and online, of course!). so for now, i'm safe!

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  1. Hi,
    Wrote to you before about the blushberry shine, I'll have to try and find this one.
    Wanted to tell ya that I found a Sonia Kaschuk lipstick at Target that's my new substitute for Blushberry-- It's called Mauvey and it's her lipstick, not the gloss. I think they'll soon be discontinuing this however also. It was marked $2 something as clearance.