Friday, January 21, 2011

nude lipstick

let me introduce to you my favorite nude lipstick-

nyc cosmetics ultra last lipstick in "mousse"

in real life, the color looks more like this:

it has a little bit of an orange/peach tone to it, but i would call it a caramel color:

here's what it looks like on me:

without flash

  with flash

i really love the formula of this lipstick! i never would've tried it, because, well let's just face it- the packaging looks so cheap that the actual product can't be that promising. but i was wrong! i read a review about this lipstick range on makeup and beauty blog, and couldn't get over how smooth and creamy it looked! this lipstick claims to be long-lasting, but don't believe it. it's not. in fact, i would call it more moisturizing than long-lasting. a lot more moisturizing that some lipsticks that claim to be moisturizing! i'm really loving the texture of it. in the pictures, i have a very thin layer of clear lip balm over the lipstick, but it's smooth and creamy even without it. i liked this so much that i went out and bought another shade, "rose gold", which is also awesome! 

wanna know my inspiration for caramel-colored lips? hilary duff, who seriously has the best lips in the whole world (except maybe for angelina jolie....):

i know the shade i bought isn't quite like hers, but i tried! i mean, how gorgeous is this picture?? and i wish i could rock the smudgy/sparkly eye makeup like she is.... sigh, maybe tomorrow.

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