Thursday, January 20, 2011

new nail polish: wet 'n wild megalast in "red tape"

i'm not sure i'm a red nail polish type girl. i've never really worn it before. red nail polish always says high-maintenance and trashy to me, but i thought it would be nice to branch out of my usual blue/green/purples* and experiment with something new. i loathe the idea of getting stuck in a rut.

i took these pics yesterday, six days into my manicure. is that incredible or is that incredible?? as you can see, i finally had some chippage on my index finger, but that didn't happen until yesterday! wow. these wet 'n wild megalast polishes are seriously well-formulated. love them. here's proof:

from L to R: "red tape", "haze of love", "bite the bullet", "private viewing"

i now own 4 of them. they last longer (and are easier to apply) than any other polish i've ever tried.... BUT i don't make it a habit to try higher-priced nail polish (OPI, essie, orly, etc.). within a couple days of painting my nails, i usually get bored and am ready to switch colors anyway. 

*about the blue/green/purple thing.... apparently those are "my" colors, because that's all i ever wear- shirts, nail polish, colored eyeshadow, jewelry.... i've yet to find a shade of blue or purple that i don't like with my coloring. now green, on the other hand, is quite a bit trickier....

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