Sunday, January 9, 2011

pretty green storage

i feel the need to share a few pretty things with you that my husband just doesn't appreciate as much as i do-

this thing is so cool! first of all, the swirly green pattern just screams my name. but when i first spotted it at marshalls, i was very waffle-y about it, because i really just have so many swirly green objects in my life (namely coffee mugs....), and i'm trying to do a better job of buying things dissimilar to things i already have. but THEN i realized it was magnetic! it sticks to my fridge like a boss! i don't know why i would need my makeup to be stuck to a refrigerator, but that's ok. it's still awesome! right? right.

the other awesome thing- this friggin sweet makeup bag from target! my mom bought it for me for christmas. i would say that she has impeccable taste, but i actually picked it out myself. so i guess i'll just tell myself that i have impeccable taste.

look at all the stuff it houses- with room to spare!

erm, i don't know why that maybelline cover-all stick is still in there. i don't even use it anymore. oops!

i could probably fit twice as much stuff in there, and it would still stand upright! sweet.

just in case you wanna know, the makeup bag is for things i take with me in my purse every day. the magnetic divider is for things that don't travel too well- brushes, eyeshadows that crumble if you sneeze on them, items that are packaged cheaply and open inside your bag and get glitter everywhere.... you get the idea.

anyone wanna share makeup storage ideas? i get strangely excited when i see pictures of how others organize their makeup. actually, i get strangely excited when i see a picture of makeup, period.

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