Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wet 'n wild color icon eyeliner in "green"

ok, i'm back! if you've been wondering where the heck i was, i've been sick all last week. i had some crazy virus that included fever, chills, cough, head congestion, vomiting.... haha, too much information?

anyway, i'm finally feeling better and actually feel like getting dolled up with makeup again. my husband knew i was really sick last week when i didn't even feel like putting on any makeup at all! ha.

well, in trying to look alive again today, i tried out a new shade of eyeliner, hoping it would make me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. i've been looking for the perfect shade of emerald green eyeliner (like this) for forever:

photo: glamour

isn't it beautiful?? i really love it with brown eyes, but i was hoping it would make my blue-green eyes more intense, too. you can judge for yourself:

i think i like it! finally, a green eyeliner that actually shows up on my waterline! it's so hard (at least in my experience) to find a colored pencil eyeliner that's vibrant enough to make an impact and soft enough to glide on easily. would you be shocked to know that i paid 50 cents for this pencil?? wet 'n wild was having a 50% off sale (!!) last week at walgreens, so i just had to buy it (and the purple liner too). even at full price, these eyeliners are only 99 cents! now these are the brand-new reformulated liners that wet 'n wild just put out. so glad they did, because the old ones sucked haha.

here's a lovely swatch of the color:

pretty, right? not too teal, not too olive. i don't think olive makeup is for me :S. not with my coloring. i do better with gem tones, i think.

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