Monday, January 24, 2011

review: eucerin intensive repair lotion

you may (or may not) remember my saga with AHA lotions for my bumpy arms (click here if you don't). well, basically i purchased this one that worked pretty well, but smelled so strongly that it repulsed my husband. not so good, especially since i plan on staying married for a very long time.

so the quest continues. i've been using the walgreens brand of AHA face lotion for nighttime, which is working out fabulously. BUT i also need something during the day. you know, a 2-punch approach. the walgreens cream is too strong to use twice a day, plus a little too thick under my clothes. i really want something lightweight.

well, daniel helped me pick out this lotion a couple of weeks ago. he actually scoured all the labels at walmart for any sign of "AHA", which is alpha-hydroxy acid by the way, just because he detests my old palmer's lotion so much. ha!

i never would've seen that it says "alpha hydroxy" on the bottle had it not been for daniel. i waffled on what size to buy for a while, and luckily i bought the smaller one....

why was it lucky? because this lotion sucks. anyone remember what elmer's glue feels like on your hands? that's exactly the same feeling and consistency this lotions has as i'm rubbing it into my skin. gross. plus i'm not convinced it actually moisturizes anything.

by the way, i grabbed this image of off instyle's website, where it was listed as a best beauty buy! apparently this lotion is "anti-inflammatory, soothing, and hydrating." which makes me even more suspicious that beauty editors just say good things about whatever new product has just hit the shelves. not cool.

don't let that deter you, though. hey, if you really like the feel (and smell!) of elmer's glue, then by all means- buy this lotion. as for me, the quest continues....

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