Thursday, January 6, 2011

today's face is brought to you by some new faves!

(i tried to post this yesterday, but blogger was being moody.... sorry)

this is what my face looked like yesterday:

maybelline dream smooth foundation
maybelline dream mousse concealer (under eyes)
maybelline superstay concealer (under eyes)
covergirl cheekers blush in "classic pink"
wet 'n wild natural blend pressed powder

maybelline define-a-line eyeliner in "chestnut brown"
wet 'n wild color icon eyeshadow trio in "walking on eggshells"
maybelline great lash mascara in "blackest black"
maybelline define-a-brow eyebrow pencil in "light blonde"

e.l.f. luscious liquid lipstick in "cherry tart"

this is a really basic, subtle look that i imagine would be appropriate anywhere. it's all about brightening up the eyes, but still looking natural. i LOVE the chestnut brown eyeliner. this maybelline liner has quickly become my favorite, and not just because the packaging is lime green! it goes on soooo smoooooth. plus that medium brown color is just great. somehow it makes my eyes look more blue than green, like black or brown-black liner usually goes. in this look, i lined my eyes all the way around, but it still looks natural and bright-eyed! because this liner goes on so smoothly, it only lasts about half a day before disappearing, but having to touch it up once a day isn't a big deal to me, i still love it!

ok, on to another favorite product. this wet 'n wild eyeshadow is super pigmented and smooth. plus is never. creases. ever. isn't that incredible for a $3 eyeshadow? i never would've tried it if i haven't read glowing reviews online. the pink shade (the very lowest one) is great for a wash on your eyelid. it reminds me of pink satin ballet slippers because of its shimmery finish. the brown shade is perfect for shading your crease. i've been using this for a lot of my looks, even without the pink shade.

here i have the pink shade on my lid, and the brown blended into the outside corners and crease.

even without a flash, look how glowy and pretty it is!

i've been doing this eye look a lot lately, either when i look really tired, or when i just want something subtle that pairs wear with any kind of bright lipstick! i've yet to try a lipstick that clashes with this eye makeup.

enjoy! more looks coming, i promise!

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