Tuesday, November 3, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 18

Ok.... so it's not technically Day 18, but it's the 18th day of my eyeshadow craziness! Sorry there's been a massive break. I was on an unexpected, whirlwind trip to Japan (!) and just got back. Did I wear crazy eyeshadow on my trip? Nope, not at all. Actually I don't even think I wore eyeshadow, just liquid liner, which was a fun change. And you'll definitely be amazed by how little lip products I packed, especially for a lipstick junkie like me. I'll write more about that later :P. I'll do a special travel post or something.

ANYWAY, onto the important stuff. Like superficial cosmetics. Today I wore a kind of pink-toned sand. I kept it neutral because I really wanted to wear my awesome Wine lipstick again. I love love love bright lipstick.

I wore this lipstick a couple weeks ago when I went to the symphony. It's Maybelline's Superstay in Wine. I also have Coral and Cherry, both of which are really nice. I love how they give your lips that whole "lit from within" thing, whatever that means. I get what they're saying, but I hate that phrase. My point is, I like how lipstick with a nice finish emphasizes your lips instead of draws attention to goopy, shiny crap on them.

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