Monday, November 23, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 32

This is what I picked out for Saturday (even though it's Monday... oops). I didn't really feel like doing anything crazy because, um, it was Saturday. And I spent all day cleaning and studying. Glamorous, yes I know.

For the rest of my look, I put on lots of blush (Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Minerals in Rose Shimmer) and the lipstick I wore on my wedding day (everyone say awwwwwwww). It's CoverGirl Outlast in My Papaya. I like that it's almost my actual lip color, but a little brighter and punchier. Plus this stuff will not come off. Ever. Unless you get some kind of makeup remover, or if you're cheap like me, baby oil. Works like magic. I use it for my eye makeup too.

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