Monday, November 23, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 33

This is my photo from yesterday. I had my new (well not new exactly.... got them at Goodwill for 50% off haha.... that's how cheap I am) shiny cobalt flats on, so my eyeshadow served as an homage to their awesomeness.

I mixed some pewter in there too to make it smokier. Oh and blue liner (Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in Blue Devine. No, I didn't misspell that, that's what it says!):

My lips didn't photograph well, but it's CoverGirl Lipslicks in Cutie, which is like a tinted lip balm. I used to have one of these in middle school (ha!) and I loved it. When I was out shopping the other day, I saw these and was reminded of how softening they were. And right now I'm really on a tinted lip balm kick. Plus this shade is cool- it's kind of beigy, metallic, and shimmery at the same time. And I definitely need more neutrals in my collection, since I have lots of brights. (Just incase you were wondering, I still prefer brights.)Photo:

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