Friday, November 20, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 31

Hot pink today. Not my favorite, but I guess it's OK. I put a paler pink on the inner part of my eyelids to keep it from look like I'd just had a major cry-fest.

The reason this picture looks cheesy is because I was trying to show off my nail polish. It's one of those $2 Sinful Colors bottles from Walgreens (although I have seen them at some Targets too). The shade is Midnight Blue and it's very pigmented and very shiny. I painted my nails 3 days ago, and washed a whole sink full of nastiness today, and they're still perfect! No base or top coat or anything. Sweet.

Oh yeah, did I mention they're BOGO (free!) right now at Walgreens? Tomorrow is the last day so GO!

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