Thursday, November 5, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 20

I wore an outfit of drab colors today (channeling my inner Ashley Olsen) so I decided I needed at least two eyelids worth of color. Violet! Um, I'm pretty sure it looked more vibrant in the mirror than it does on camera. Oh well. Just believe me when I say it was vibrant violet (that's kind of hard to say). I blended that gilded shade from yesterday into my crease just.... because.

On my lips I'm wearing this beautiful shade (the lipstick above) I got on my trip to Japan last week. It's actually from the 100 yen store! (kind of like Dollar Tree here, only much much better). I used to shop there all the time for makeup when I lived in Japan, but alas, I'm stuck in the US, at least for now. So if you're luckier than me and are in Japan, you can usually find really nice products at the Y100 store! The lipstick looks sort of pink in the picture, but it's more champagne-y. And pearly. Yay.

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