Thursday, October 15, 2009

120 days of shadow: Day 12

Aqua. I finally did it. You can't really tell though, because I applied it with such a light hand. I tried it wet first, and it was so crazy I couldn't do it. So sheer it is.

I really thought this aqua-colored shadow would look awful on me, since my eyes are kinda aqua. But see how it kind of blends in with my eye color? Weird.... Shows what I know. Which is apparently nothing.
On Katie's sad, pouty lips (another long day of studying): Yup, CoverGirl's Trushine in Blushberry Shine! Even though I posted about my love for it early last week, I gotta be redundant and do it again. I love how it's kind of neutral (in that it doesn't clash with other colors), but it's still enough color to brighten up my tired face. Pretty cool. Now if I could just find a color like this in a long-wearing formula.... My face would look awake all day!

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