Saturday, October 10, 2009

The perfect fall polish (at the perfect price!)

"Mr. Green" and I went to Walmart last night for our weekly Friday-night junk food run. While he went and bought a pinball game for his Xbox, I sneaked a peak at the makeup. I was really looking for a pale lavender nail polish, but found something much better! This awesome shade of gray-purple:

Love, love, love! It's by Pure Ice and it's only............

dum dum dum dum dum (insert your own imaginary drumroll please)

$2! So of course I HAD to buy it. My husband cleverly pointed out that I technically do not NEED another nail polish.... ever again for the rest of my life. I also cleverly said he didn't need another Xbox game for the rest of his life, so we agreed to disagree. To each his (her) own, I guess.

The best part of this polish? It's named "Taupe Drawer." What the *word I shouldn't say*? Who named that one? Why not "Ivory Crown Molding" while we're at it? It's OK, it just makes me that much more emotionally attached to this awesome nail polish.

The other good things about this color is how it kind of morphs depending on the lighting. The first picture (taken without a flash) looks more grayed, but in this one (with a flash), it's more vibrant purple. Nifty:

And it gets better. I only applied one coat for these pictures! It's very highly pigmented AND one of the smoothest, glossiest polishes I've tried. Sooo easy to apply, even for me! I have yet to find out if it wears well, but I'll get back to you on that one.

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